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Your donation will help us plant, nurture and protect Cedrus libani trees.
We will replace any tree which does not survive.
1. Is the adopted tree already planted?
Yes. When you adopt a tree, you get a certificate that includes the GPS location of a tree already planted and living in one of our plantation sites. Your donation will be used to plant a new tree.
2. Can we plant the tree that we adopted?
No. You adopted a tree already planted and protected. But you can join our public plantation campaign. Register as an adopter to be in our mailing list or follow our social media networks to stay updated with our latest plantation campaigns.
3. Who receives the certificate and the picture?
The adopter email and the recipient email.
4. Do we get a hard copy of the reforestation certificate, delivered to our address?
No, we only send soft copies, by email, once the adoption is done.
5. Do I receive a real tree after my adoption?
No. You only receive a reforestation certificate that includes the GPS location of a tree already planted.
6. Can I choose the location of my tree?
Unfortunately, no. The location is randomly selected when you adopt the Cedar. It is planted in our protected plantation sites (Kfardebian, Chabrouh, Bcharreh...)
7. How can I reach my tree?
You have a GPS number on your certificate. Write it down in the search box of Google maps, Google earth, or any GPS device to find your tree's location.
P.S: you may need the remove the degree symbol (°).
8. When can I visit my tree?
You can visit it any time. Follow the GPS location of your tree to find it.
9. What is the size of the metal tag?
4 x 7cm, stainless steel. On one side, the name will be laser marked, and on the other side, Jouzour Loubnan's logo is engraved.
10. When do you install the tags and when will I receive the picture?
We install the tags and send the pictures only between July and October of the year based on our yearly schedule and weather conditions.
11. Will I be notified when the tag is installed?
Only if you order a picture.
12. Should we have to pay for the tree regularly?
No. it is a one-time fee to pay when you proceed with your adoption.
13. Can we adopt a tree and pay at your office if we cannot pay online?
Yes. Call us on 71124000 to book an appointment.
14. Where are you located?
Our office is located at Corniche el Nahr, Isharit el Nahr, Plus properties bldg, black door, 2nd floor.
15. My gift is for a special occasion, how can I get a customized certificate?
Click on "this adoption is a gift" and on "this adoption is for an event", then choose the event from the events' list.
16. On the second page on the website, should I enter the recipient person's information or mine?
Fill in the second page your information (address, mobile number, email...) just for our database and mailing list.
17. If my adoption was declined, what should I do?
Usually, in these cases, the transactions are declined by the bank. So, you should check it with your bank. If everything is fine with the card, contact us on 71124000 for help.
18. I'm am not able to reach the payment page and I am receiving an error, what should I do?
Try to do the adoption from your PC or laptop, and avoid the delay in time while filling the adoption information.
19. What happens if my tree died?
The cost that you pay when you do the adoption covers the replacement and the maintenance of the tree for 3 years and more.
20. How can I check my adoptions history?
When you do your adoption, register as an adopter and login to your account when you need to check your adoptions' history.
21. Can I adopt a tree without registering?
Yes of course. In this case you do not have to register as a regular adopter when you enter your personal information in the second page of the website.

This initiative is part of the 40 million trees program in Lebanon
40 million trees program in Lebanon
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